[09] Gore environmnt elements - July the 3rd

Hello guys,

I'm progressing on the way of the Alpha, There's now an eating animation,  and as you noticed, the Point of view has been changed as well to one more claustrophobic.
A hunger bar is now present and will be surely replace by the hunger bar present in the gore HUD set shown below.
There's a zombie counter and a life bar at the top of each character's head. 
here's a GIF of a play test with the current state of the development :

Here's the gore HUD set : 

Those are some gore elements that will be added to the environment, there will be some collectibles inside some of them :


I'm still working on the feedback like animations, sound, and reactions to the player's inputs from the game. Next time there will be more of the Feeding Frenzy, I want to make the most understandable as possible.
Until then, stay tuned! ;)


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When's the next update?


Hi! Sorry for the very late response but the game is in total reconstruction.
The gameplay will be more focused on the number of Zeds the player could "collect" throughout the game, I'm now learning new skills in programing in order to have hundreds of zombies at the same time on screen with fluid framerate. And it's quite promising, I can go up to 500 so far, if I could go past the Thousands it will be insane!
The predicted release date is for Halloween 2019.


No worries! Really appreciate the reply! I loved your first game; the art style is simply amazing. I'll be looking out for your next game. Keep at it, and best of luck!


Thank you very much! Supports are always appreciated, it's the best source of motivation!