[08] Rediesign characters - June the 28th


Hello Guys! I hope you are doing well.
Today I want to show you the new characters that will fit better the gameplay of the game : Fun and Gore.
The previous characters were cool but they were too realistic to fit the gameplay, 


As I told you in a previous post, I want to release a closed alpha in July, to be in the timing I'm now focused on the core gameplay and the core concept :

  • You player, play as a Zombie Horde which you can control directly with the joystick as a single character
  • In a town ravaged by zombies, you have to infect the most humans possible to grow your horde and spread the Virus Zombie, by fighting them to death.
  • Your Zombies are hungry though, very hungry, and in order to keep them "alive" you'll have to feed them with human brains and flesh.
  • But an eaten human cannot be transformed in a zombie, will you succeed in spreading the virus with such a stomach to fill?


In the next post you'll be able to see some screenshots of the first level that will be in the Alpha ;) stay tuned!


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Looks cute!

Aren't they! :) Not sure if this will be the final design though, but it's close to