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No Brainerz

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It's been 50 years since the great Infection and the beginning of the Zivilisation. Being inferior by the number, the Human race has been enslaved and raised to feed the Zitizens. 

But today, The menace that every one feared has arrived : the Human revolution. The Zolidarity that unites all the Zivilians brought them to defend The Land and fight against this delicious pest.

Core Gameplay 

Build and grow your horde with various zombies to fight and Infect the Humans.

  • In a town ravaged by zombies, you have to infect the most humans possible to grow your horde and spread the Virus Zombie, by fighting them to death.
  • Your Zombies are hungry though, very hungry, and in order to keep them "alive" you'll have to feed them with human brains and flesh.
  • But an eaten human cannot be transformed in a zombie, will you succeed in spreading the virus with such a stomach to fill?

Features :

  • Discover a Zombie civilisation, the Zivilisation
  • Control your Zombie horde directly with the Joystick as if it was a single entity
  • Recruit wandering Zombies and Eat Humans to grow your horde
  • Use the environment smartly to form and deform your horde as wished
  • Infect Humans with different viruses to get different Zombies
  • Multiple missions with different objectives to complete
  • And more to come ...

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StatusIn development
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Tagsaction-strategy, brainz, embuscade, horde, Horror, no-brainerz, Pixel Art, Voxel, Zombies

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