[06] In game footages - June the 12th

Hello Pals, Before I start here's a discolure : 

The game page will soon be modified. I used to share the direct link to my devlog articles on external sites and it's starting to be kind of messy. I need to build a better game page so I can share it. Also, I'll be posting 2 times a week from next week! Yay! =D I'm giving it a try so it may come back to once a week if I see that I don't have enough content for twice a week, or if it doesn't work for any reason.

This week I have cool gifs for you, for the ones who follow me on twitter you probably saw some teasers of them, but they are in a better quality and full length here ;). For the ones who don't follow me on twitter, let's get in touch there =D : @Mask974


Last week I was cleaning up the assets to put them in UE4 remember? so here we are! The Zombies are now in UE4, and the game is starting to take shape! I've also worked on the lighting and I think I got the mood of the game now ;) There will be different ambiances through the game, but let's say that's the basic one, the generic.

For the first mission of the game, I worked on a map with foliage and stuff and it looks cool! The first mission will take place in a Zombie village  "come on Humans, you have no chance here! "


I promised you I would show you some animations, but I haven't worked so much on the animations. Although, I can tease you a little bit with these gifs =)
(When I say "Work" on the animations, I actually take them on Mixamo then I clean them into a 3D software and finally I import them in UE4. By the way, Mixamo, is a free database that has tons of tweakable animations)

I don't have the combat animation and the other anims I said I would show you because I really wanted to advance on a game that looks like a game before going through details like Humans being eaten alive by zeds. That will definitely be in the game, no worries, no rush ;)
For now I have the walk animations, the Idle and the basic attack, and that's all I need to construct a basic gameplay.


For next week I plan to work on feedback : sound effects, attack animations,  death animation... In overall, a better comprehension of what's happening on the screen, and mostly during combats. Because if you take a look at this gif below, you'll see that it's very hard to understand what's going on here! 
Back to the prototype version, it was much easier, and that was because the Zeds and the Humans had clear different colors that detached from the environment very well, which was white.
Now that we have some textured assets, lighting, fog and a mood, I need to accentuate certain things to give the player a better understanding and not confusing him.

It's on this gameplay footage that I leave you guys, stay tuned for more ;)

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