First Day - May the first

Hello there, I'm the creator of Embuscade , a voxelated short horror game released  on the 31st October 2017 (

There are exactly 4 514 of you, players, at the time that I write these words, and many of you asked for more games like Embuscade.

So I decided to continue the adventure and create another game that would keep the artstyle and the core idea of the first game and make a new one for you guys.

Embuscade II, (the provisory title) will have its devlog here, on, where I'll be posting every week on the development progression. You'll be informed about everything, the writing, production and organisation, graphics and visuals, game mechanics, communication, etc...

More than being informed on the game, the devlog is also a way for you,players, to share your thoughts, and ideas the game can evokes you. Don't hesitate to reach me in the comment section or on discord (a channel dedicated to the game will be created soon), we will discuss about features you'd like to see in the future game and find the best way to incorporate them.

The Idea for creating this game started with being in touch with the community, that's why I want this game to be for the community, by the community!

Max, the dev.

First Zombie - MagicaVoxel

Rage rage against the dying of the light ...


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I absolutely loved making the Lumps Play for this game, it was one of the most memorable titles in the whole year, I'd say. I'm so excited you're going to make more things in the universe! Please don't lose that charm <3 

Eagerly waiting :D



Hi Lumps, liked your playthrough with the little pop up dialogue boxes. it's original, keep doing your videos.
Thank you fr following the process of the second game, new updates are coming next week! 

See you :) 

Cool! I loved the game and am looking forward to the devlog!

I'm super interested in how you achieved the look of Embuscade.

Hi there, thanks for following the devlog! I'm currently working on the basics of the game so more of some R&D stuff and trying to make a proof of concept as soon as possible. I'm still working a tiny bit on the graphics though, it won't be for now for the updates about this topic but stay tuned, it'll arrive soon. Ciao!