[01] Horde Mechanics - May the 8th

Hi there, I hope you are doing well! 

Today's update will be about the horde movement mechanics.


I Implemented it so you can control the whole horde directly and it feels like you are moving a big morphing entity that flows and seeps through the environment just like a tide of Zombies.
It took me a while to figure out the best way of programming this basic mechanic which only is the Movement, but here it is! 

Current Features : 
  • Horde movement
  • When a member gets lost or is too far from the horde he runs to retrieve it
  • Camera movements

Captures (In the editor without any graphical part for the moment of course :D )

Horde movement and Retrieve

Sneak Peek - Horde Recruitement


In term of task management I decided to only work on the programming part for the moment. As the game is more Gameplay oriented than the first one, the mechanics should feel good and be deep enough to keep the player entertained. For the graphics and assets production part I already experimented the workflow when I was developing Embuscade, so I know where I'm going and I can keep that fun part for later.


For the next week I planned to show you more features on the horde control such as controlling a leader, recruit more members, charge attack, etc...
I'll also make a post that describes more the Gameplay in overall (missions, type of attacks, enemies, etc...) .

So stay tuned, and see you next week!


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Looks awesome dude!