[04] Assets Production- May the 30th

Assets Production

Hello buddies,

Today I'll show you the assets I produced this week for Embuscade 2. 
I've first worked on the characters both Zeds and Humans. Those are the basic ones, later on I'll add some more like some Brutal Humans, Explosive Zombies, and so on...
I've also produced the main reusable props for the environment. I didn't think that much to the gameplay and the way the player will interact with the environment yet, for the moment I was focus on the main props that will serve to build some levels and design the ambiance, the atmosphere.

So less talking more action, here are the graphics : 

The Basic Zombies

The Basic Humans. I had this idea of make them wearing masks because of the pestilential odors that the Zombies and their environment emanate

Country side house props set

I tried a scene setup with the Country House props set. In the same time I tried to experiment an atmosphere inspired by the work of the concept artist, Simon Stalenhag.

Cliff props set

Here are some billboard I made for the universe of my game, a world where Zombies has taken control


For next week I'll prepare the assets for UE4. I'll continue working on some props sets at the same time. 
Next Milestone to achieve is getting the look and the atmosphere of the game done in UE4

Good week everyone, and stay tuned =)


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Really inspiring stuff! I'm a newbie to voxel art and was wondering if you render and animate everything in UE4? Basically after you create your art assets in MV what happens next? Still trying to wrap my head around what a 'common' workflow is. Thank you for your time and keep up the awesome work! 

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Hello there, thank you for your support! I render and animate everything in UE4 yes, appart for those screenshots, they are directly rendered in Magicavoxel. the gif animation was done in a very cool software called screentogif. With this you can record your screen and make a gif out of it, it's also possible to edit the images etc.
For game dev production I usually make my models in magica, I export them into an OBJ, I optimize them in 3ds max if needed (characters need it), then I rig them, usually with an auto rig such as mixamo. And I'm off to import it in UE4 :)
Hope you find it useful. Don't hesitate asking me questions if you need and to show me your voxel art, @mask974 is my twitter.  

Thank you so much for replying Max! When you say you 'optimize' them in 3ds max what does that entail? This is super helpful, thank you again. And what is the file format that is exported from mixamo? 

You are welcome. I'm glad to help! By optimizing I mean "repairing" The topology, adding loops where there are joints for the characters, and make a UV channel for lightmaps for environment stuff.
Mixamo exports FBX format.


Gotcha, some of that sounds like a foreign language to me but for now I'm just going to concentrate on making some voxel art and getting it animated to the best of my beginner ability. :) Thank you again for taking the time to respond. 


That countryside house looks fantastic in that atmosphere and the billboards are awesome. Keep up the good work!


Hey Buddy! Thank you for your support. I heard a lot of positive feedback about this country side house, I'm glad you pointed it out, it means I can go further this way and create more versions of it =)