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voxel country side 3D props entirely for free!

Donators will be REWARDED with +50 Extra Content!

You can use it for any kind of project that you have (commercial or not) : game, movies, sceneries, 3D printing etc...

My name (Max Parata) in your credits will be highly appreciated ;)


  • Magicavoxel source file (.vox)
  • .Texture (.png)
  • .obj + .mtl


- Country house

- Vegetation Props

- Ground Tiles

An example of what you can do with the assets :


To thank all the people that support me by making a Donation, I reward them with an EXCLUSIVE PACK containing +50 EXTRA CONTENT.

In the Extra Content, every objects are SEPARATED, and MODULAR. Compared to the standard content where everything is merged into one object.

I've also included a collection of MORE than 20 ISOMETRIC SPRITES for your 2D games!


Extra Props

Ground Tiles

Isometric Sprites

All this Extra Content is available for every donations from 9$.

-- About me --

I'm Max Parata, a voxel artist, 3D artist and game developper. I'm alsoa member of the TORTOR collective, an awesome group of artist that make free assets just like me. Come visit our page to see all the good stuff we have :

-- Support me in Bitcoin --


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Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files: 491 kB
Extra 47 kB
if you pay $7.20 USD or more
Extra Isometric 351 kB
if you pay $7.20 USD or more
Extra 426 kB
if you pay $7.20 USD or more
Extra Ground 560 kB
if you pay $7.20 USD or more


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Amazing work as always! But, you spelled the name of the pack wrong :D

Also i got an idea for a new asset pack: "Office" or in general modern indoor stuff.

Keep going mate!

Oh yeah, I did spelled it wrong XD I'll correct that, thanks for noticing it!

The Office pack is a good idea, I'll write it down for a future pack ;)

Another Great asset from the Voxel Legend!! Keep up the great work max....😎🤘


Looks great! Nice job Max.

Thanks again antikx! :)