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10+ Voxel Spaceships for free

An ongoing collection of voxel spaceships (.vox and .obj) · By maxparata


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Last ship of the collection : the Infrared Furtive
Today's the last day of the voxel spaceship collection, and it's with the Infrared Furtive that we cloture this journey! This spaceship, designed for furtive in...
1 file
The Camo Stellar Jet is out! Another military ship
The Camo Stellar Jet is a ship from the space army. Your game needs a furtive spaceship? Then this one has been especially designed for this purpose. The ship f...
1 file
Today, get the Transtellar, a utility ship
Transtellar is an utility ship, designed for transporting merchandise through the outerspace. It can carry up to 50 tons of cargo thanks to its big reactors, th...
1 file
Today the Interstellar Runner is out
The Interstellar Runner is a fast travel spaceship, designed for a single pilot only, this light weighted ship can go faster than the speed of light! It's used...
1 file
today, the Star Marine Trooper is out!
The Star Marine Trooper is an army ship, its design makes it robust and solid, but at the same time rapid and handy for space combat. Your game will need a legi...
1 file
The Meteor Slicer is out!
Meteor Slicer is a vertical spaceship that's been designed to fly through the meteor belts of your game, with the lowest chance of impact possible. It can flip...
1 file
Today get a big ship, the Warship
Warship is a beautiful big ship that is designed to be impressive and menacing. Let your player occupy all the enemy's territory with this ship and its big crew...
Today, get the Ultraviolet Intruder
The Ultraviolet Intruder is a big furtive spaceship, it uses ultraviolet refraction to dissimulate its color into the darkness of the interstellar space. used t...
1 file