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Everyday find a new Voxel Plane for games entirely for FREE!

You can use it for any kind of project that you have (commercial or not) : game, movies, sceneries, 3D printing etc... My name (Max Parata) in your credits would be highly appreciated ;)

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-- provided files --

  • .vox (Magicavoxel file)
  • .png (Magicavoxel palette)
  • .obj + .mtl

-- Collection --

--One more tomorrow --

-- EXtRA CoNtenT --

To thank all the people that support me by making a Donation, I reward them with an EXCLUSIVE PACK containing +50 EXTRA CONTENT.

In the Extra Content, every parts of the planes are SEPARATED, and MODULAR. Compared to the standard content where everything is merged into one object.

There's Also 4 EXTRA PLANES included. 

Plane parts are separated

4 Extra Planes

-- About me --

I'm Max Parata, a voxel artist, 3D artist and game developper. I'm alsoa member of the TORTOR collective, an awesome group of artist that make free assets just like me. Come visit our page to see all the good stuff we have :

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Plane 01.zip 63 kB
Plane 02.zip 72 kB
Plane 03.zip 83 kB
Plane 04.zip 254 kB
Plane 05.zip 97 kB
Plane_06.zip 41 kB
ExtraContent.zip 1,011 kB
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What is the license?

Thanks, I forgot to add the licence. It's a Creative Common Attribution No Derivatives.


You can leave a comment here to support my proposal about making metadata visible for those who are interested in it https://itch.io/t/2919128/metadata-encouragement#post-7952450

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Hello Max! We've used these beautiful planes in our Android live wallpaper app and its live web demo. We gave all credits to you in both README of web demo source code and in settings of Android app!

I've  made a blog post where I give credits to you too: https://dev.to/keaukraine/voxel-airplanes-3d-webgl-demo-1k65


Your article is very well done! Great job!


Hi! thank you for your work! this asset inspires me to make a game for #MyFirstGameJam. I put a link on my devlog to promote your work and I wrote about how it inspired me to create the game concept :D


Hi! Thank you so much for the support! Good luck with your game, Don't hesitate to post a comment on one of the packs you used to promote your game there! ;)

Hi! thanks again, I submitted my game for the #myfirstgamejam. At the end, I used a couple of more asset packs from you (ancient and pirates, yarr!). You can play my game on the browser :D Silent Wings 2491


really nice art, can i use it to make games and publish it? 


You definitely can, it's made for that :) 


Very cool. Thanks for including the vox files!

You're welcome! Do you use them to modify the models?


I use them to pose them and take screenshots. :)

Cool! Where can we see that? :)


Here's a very basic sample in a card game I'm working on. It's still in the prototype phase. :) 


Nice man! I'm really surprised to see the assets used in this way, it's very fun!