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Voxel Ancient Environment pack for free

An asset collection of Ancient Envrionment props in a voxel style · By maxparata


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Free today : Ancient Artifacts
Let by the Ancients, these Artifacts still contain a lot of power. Add life and meaning to your ancient civilization environment with this set. Did you use this...
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Free today : Ancient Treasure
Gold has strange properties, the ancients kept it very secret, with wizzardry and malediction... Used it in your game? Share it with us in the community, we wou...
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Free Asset : Ancient Pyramids
The Ancient ships that Aliens used to come to earth are still visible at some places... Did you use this asset in your game? Share it with us in the community!...
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Asset of the day : Ancient Rock Statues
Sculpted directly into the rock to honor their greatness, the 3 Alien Founders were sacred and worshiped during this ancient era. Did you use that asset in you...
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Free Today : Ancient Cosmic Portal
Ancient civilizations knew all about space travel! Get this Ancient Cosmic portal and discover the universe and the ancient aliens that had been worshiped long...
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Free Today : Ancient Voxel Reliques
Today I give you a set of Ancient Reliques, you'll find not less than 5 assets of props to decorate your Ancient Environment : A giant alien worshiping statue...
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Asset of the day : Ancient Crash Site
In a far far past, Ancient civilization witnessed the visit of extraterrestrial forms, remains of this encountering can be found here and there. Get this enviro...
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First Acient Asset : The Temple
How can an Ancient Environment look good without a temple? That's impossible! So don't wait and grab it for free! Don't forget to share your work with us in the...
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