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Really enjoyed the bit right before the end.

Hi, Dear Dev

Its a nice short game you made there, I've loved it that I made a  gameplay video

Can you make a mac version of the game?


Hi, dear Dev!

I've expirienced a bug. This little girl stucked in a path and I couldn't get through.

She was running in place.  It was on a path when I heard crying noises.

Please look into it.

It is a nice Game... I would not call it the Best free Game of 2017, but still nice Game

I featured this game, short but sweet. well done for a game jam game.

"Embuscade: Best free game of 2017" and yet you have to pay for the game, lol

you don't HAVE to, it is a donation, you can always choose not to donate anything and still downloa

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Short but spooky. Fun game with a interesting twist!

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It was a really cool short experience game.

This was a really enjoyable and short experience! Since the game was made for a jam, it is quite short, but the quality of the overall experience is still very high!

Here's a video of my play through! :)

Embuscade is one of those games where you have to experience it for yourself for the first time. Because you’re dropped in a dreary world where you have absolutely no clue as to who you are and what you’re supposed to do. But that’s what’s fun about this inde title once you figure It out. When you do, you are meant with an eye opening surprise when you reach the end.

Un beau boulot les gars ! L'ambiance est vraiment sympas et les jeux de lumières + brouillard, surtout la fin, dur de s'y attendre.. rien à dire, hâte de voir la suite qui a l'air plus que prometteuse !

Definitely an awesome game! The twist worked wonderfully! I made a video showcasing the game

Wonderfully done short game. The creators were able to develop an abundance of tension in such a short amount of time. I can't be the only one who didn't see the twist coming! 

Dunno why I didn't find this game earlier because this is really good idea! I even did a small sketch near the end :D

Wow. I was so pleasantly surprised by this game. The visuals are 10/10, the sound design is 10/10, and the story could definitely be made into a full-fledged game. I need more!!! :D 


Para los que hablen español... un muy buen juego...

Para los que hablen español... un muy buen juego...

Can you make a mac version of the game?

Attention, Google Translate, I'm from Russia

Hi, Max!
I've been following your games for a long time, but just now I've thought of registering here, I'm sorry.
I had to digress from you for a while, I look, and you already have the second part planned.
I always thought that your first game, that without a number-something like a demo version, is too short, and the final was intrigued ...
Tell me, is everything over now, is it over?
Yes, the second part will definitely be cool, a lot of new, I'm sure, but ...
P.S. I like everything, you're good and handsome, go on, and do not stop to stop.
P.P.S. Thank you for being.

Hello Peter (it's your name right?)
Thank you for supporting me and for having played Embuscade. The second part is planned right. Although the game will be more gameplay based than story, so you won't actually understand everything that happened in the first game, i want to keep the mystery ;) But there'll be some surprises... I can't tell what but the ones who played the game will understand ;)
I invite you to follow the devlog of the second game here :

PS : The devlog will change adress soon, I'll notify you ;)

Thank you very much for your answer
And yes Peter is my name

This game was really well done.  I like the pixel style to it.  Short, and sweet is the best way to describe it.  

This short game is worth it just for the plot twist.. Really well made for such a short game 

What a  twist! And the game was amazing .


my channel:

watch video here:

I did not expect that this game was so good! :D i really enjoyed it and i want more of it! :D 

really cool game like has some great ideas and looks really great cant wait for more!!

awesome game must watch and support my channel

This game all in itself took me completely by surprise. It was amazing!!!

Here is my video it was awesome game love it little bit wired how i started to eat trash and stuff hahah but good game love it here is my video for it 

love the game wasn't expecting the ending

Very nice game! Thanks for making a fun game

Hmm. sorry kids, but maybe its my computer but my character was walking at a SUPER slow pace and it crashed twice :0

Just couldnt play it.

I really enjoyed Embuscade. I also made this video.Loved the atmosphere and the eating of trash to survive. Hope to see more from you in the future.  

Wow this game had the most shocking  ending of the year 0.0.

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I really liked the concept, being a zombie is something new~

Dope ! Loved the concept!  i would smash 10/10 ! Looking for more in


Unplayable... It's like a green flash is still running over the screen. It's very annoying and makes it impossible to see anything. Also hurts the eyes...

This game was the first game that I played in my recent Game of Three video. (Yes, this type of video is sort of based from Three Free Games with Pewds)

I have played 2 other games, which you can watch if you want to but if not, you can just watch the first game I play which is your game. Hope you enjoy! 

This game was great, very nice twist at the end.

The Moon has to be the best moon I have seen in a long time in a game :-)

Great job.

For some reason my recorder didn't pick up this game for my channel. :-(

Looking forward to your next projects.

Very Interesting story!! The twist got me so good xD

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