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Scared meh

WHATA TWIST(*〇□〇)……!

The game has a green flash over it. It's unplayable like this.

I am having the same issue :( I really want to play but I can't with that flash!

I'm assuming you're on Windows 10? Right click on the icon, go to properties then select Compatibility and tick the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select "Windows 8". Apply and close. Then run the game. 

very good game to me

The pixelated style is so well made, it looks really good. Short but entertaining game with a nice plot twist! 
Very good game :D

, i
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This is your first game? But where's the overused character models? Where's the Incompetech music? Where's the terrible animation? WHERE'S THE OVERALL BADNESS?

But seriously, though, this game is really well done for your first game. Here's my video: 


I made a video about this game. I had a really good time playing ti! :)

Очень неплохая игра)

I've just uploaded a Lumps Play for this. I had a really nice time! As everyone has said, the atmosphere/sound/pacing/tone were spot on, and the hunger mechanic/end twist made the entire thing as a whole engaging and worthwhile. Voxels are often seen as toy-ish, but you show here that you can make a really effective atmosphere if you do it right. 

I can't believe this is your first attempt at a game, that's so refreshing from someone who's played hundreds and hundreds of repetetive indie games (specifically horror)! Please keep making games? Please? Following you.

Cheers, hope you like the vid!🍻

I played really fun. Good Story Game

정말 즐겁게 플레이 했어요. 굿 스토리 게임

This game has a neat minecraft in noir theme to it. I think the term is suppose to be voxel but, i've never heard the word before and, am not sure what voxel really means!

I enjoyed the hungry mechanic it really put a sense of urgency to maintain and, it ties inot the story well.  The start menu was impressive with the signs on the fence.

The biggest thing was the twist at the end! Was a major shocker!

Hiya, I'd first like to say that the game is very well made. The atmosphere is tense and mysterious, there are little clues throughout the game that hint as to what's happening so the story is pieced together as you progress and I really like that.

The voxel artstyle is striking and definitely makes the game stand out, it looks fantastic! The sound design is also well put together and well executed throughout the game.

It is quite a short game, but I think the length is perfect. The game builds itself up nicely and ends at just the right moment.

All in all it was a great experience, I hope you don't mind but I made a short let's play video of the game on my channel.

Cheers and best wishes to you.

This was a VERY good atmospheric, zombie-themed horror game. Loved the sound design and "Imscared"-type grainy textures that were implemented here, and it kind of reminded me of Minecraft in survival mode with the food bar and block-like designs. Plus, there is a special surprise in the video ;)!

Awesome graphics and atmosphere! :D Loved the story :) 

This was a very cool pixelated horror game! Great job! :D 

The visuals were really nice, and the sound design was good. The main problem was that the "twist" moment was obvious from the first few seconds of the game. Removing the hud element in the lower left, as well as removing the signs explaining why there's a quarantine would have made a very big, positive difference.

The final moments of the game were very nicely timed and executed though, the timing was just right and I ended up with a smirk on my face.

Last but not least: I sadly have to admit that I at no moment felt scared or threatened, mostly because I realised that I was unable to run or move in any way that would facilitate fleeing or similar. 

All in all, it holds together really, really  well, but the few little tweaks I mentioned would've gone a long way I feel. 

Thanks for making this!


This game was awesome, had a twist I was not expecting, and really haunting design in the sound and level. Well done, you should be proud.


Great atmosphere and a nice twist at the end.  It was a nice experience!

A great example of how atmosphere and gameplay can convey a story far more effectively than reams of text disguised as dialogue.


I do not like this evil. It was a scary game with amazing original visuals.. but NO. THIS CAN'T BE THE END 


Great game! Not my cup of joe but it was still great. It was interesting to find that you are the zombie. Although, I have one question: Where did the blood come from? Was it coming from the victim? Anyways, as much as I would like to feature it on my channel, I was only able to play it on my own because I couldn't record it. Admitedly, I'm tired of repeating the words "I couldn't record it." Well, if you enjoyed this little rant/comment, go ahead and subscribe to my channel! Don't worry, I try to make my videos funny - not serious. And I try not to rant, either. I mean, who wants to watch someone ranting? To subscribe, all you have to do is go to and search for Blind Eye Games. I'll be the one with blue, green and gray in the logo. Or you can click this link: And, Until Next Time, Have A Wonderful Day!

WOW! This Game ist very Amazing!!! :D I LOVE IT ^^


At first, I thought that this simulator is a vagabond, you go around the dark places, eat from the dump. And only in the end did I understand who I was playing.

P.S. Sorry for languase, i use translater.

This was pretty fun I seen the twist coming.

hi, big big thx for the game. this game is on the end , i had tears in my eyes. i only can say thank you for this experience :) greetings from germany

I liked playing as a Humanoid Raccoon.

What a super small game this was. Be great to see this one longer. Great atmosphere.

This game was awesome! the atmposhere as your walking through the streets was intense and that little red riding hood looking girl creeped me out XD until i found out what i was at the end XD good job on creating this game!

Hey @JayPlaysOfficial, Really cool video here, I enjoyed it! Well received your message at the end , and that's exactly what I wanted to hear to give me strengh to continue to develop games like this one. I'm currently preparing the second ops of Embuscade, Yeah, I'm gonna risk it for a chocolate biscuit ;) ! It won't be the exact same game but I'll keep the atmosphere, the artstyle and mostly the idea of being a Zombie. I want to create a full featured game where the player will play as a Zombie and will have to build like a "Z community" to fight against the Human menace. It's still in writing but I had some cool ideas that I want to integrate. I'm of course open to any Ideas from players, so don't hesitate to let me know what you would like to see in a game like this! =).

i am glad you enjoyed the video! :D  and i am looking forward to the next one! :D sounds like you have a really good plan for this game which is awesome! and if i think of some ideas, i will let you know! :)

I actually enjoyed this little game, I did kinda guess the twist but it didn't detract from the overall experience. Can I also say how nice it is to see an indie horror game that isn't just another key fetch quest with jumpscares!! Good job!

Awesome video here buddy! You actually imagined the game story exactly as I wanted players to imagine, that's cool, a hobo Zombie! I'm also surprised that you restarted to find the other ending, and I want to tell you that it has an actual Third ending ;) ...

Saw the ending coming fairly early on, but overall that was really nicely done experience, especially so for a first game. The visuals in particular were really neat looking. Great atmosphere building too. I'd definitely be up for seeing more projects in this style, nice job!


@Mister thank you very much, I really apreciate it. If you are up to see more projects in this style then stay tuned, I'll be soon starting a full featured game, in the same universe, the same artstyle (even more polished) where you'll trully experience being a Zombie...

Really enjoyed it, amazing twist...

Thank you @Churvin for having played and for having made a let's play video! You are the only one I saw trying my pause menu haha! Nice! Also, congratulations, you discovered the second ending, you didn't want to be part of the Zombie Horde by making you own road alone and avoiding them, But maybe you could retry the game and follow the horde and see what happens... ;)


Loved the look and style of the game. Impressive for a first game as well.

Hi @CjuGames Thank you for having chosen to play my game on Halloween. About the 30 fps cap, it was on purpose, I just found that it fit well with the Pixelized/Voxelized artstyle. I like the fact that you were imagining stuff that could have happened to the people of this city, I basically wanted to put elements that make the player imagine, but I'm impressed by how big of an imagination players have! =D  A lot of things you guys are imagining weren't even in my head when I was in the creation process! I'm glad you noticed the references (Silent Hill, Little Nightmares). I'm gonna make a sequel to the game, A full experience of being a Zombie. It's still in writing, I'll let you know about the progress.

So I can play it through

Also add Windowed Mode

First Off, This game has good graphics I did a video on it.

It's not a full playthrough but its still good especially when that red hood ran. The video is not uploaded yet

Hello, I'm glad you liked it! Have you uploaded the video yet? I'm looking forward to watch it =) About the Windowed mode you asked, there already have a windowed mode, you can enter it by pressing Alt+Enter, it's a built-in function with Unreal engine games, you have to know it though. However, the window is a full 1920*1080, so If you don't have a larger screen resolution you won't be able to resize it. But I'll do my best to add this feature soon and update the game! Ciao.

Super interesting!! Very much liked it!
Short, the atmosphere is great, sounds are erie and spoopy! So much greatness!

Stay Rad Everybody!

Hi Cool video, thank you for your support! Great thumbnail by the way ;)

Hey there! Just finished playing the game and I gotta say it´s a really clever and well developed game, had a really nice time with it. The atmosphere and the look it´s really awesome. Great job!

Hi, Thank you for having played and for your support, it encourages me to make more!

Fantastic, short, refined and focused with a somewhat predictable but still enjoyable twist. I've nothing but praise for this, it has interesting graphics, just enough gameplay to keep you involved, and sound design is on point. Fantastic work here.

Many thanks for having played and made a let's play video. It's cool to see gamers having fun with what I've made and reacting to it.

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Wow, what a twist. This game was awesome, I'd love to see more games like this.

That was my point when making this game to. Thank you a lot for your support, I really appreciate it.

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