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What a  twist! And the game was amazing .


my channel:

watch video here:

I did not expect that this game was so good! :D i really enjoyed it and i want more of it! :D 

really cool game like has some great ideas and looks really great cant wait for more!!

awesome game must watch and support my channel

This game all in itself took me completely by surprise. It was amazing!!!

Here is my video it was awesome game love it little bit wired how i started to eat trash and stuff hahah but good game love it here is my video for it 

The game was shorter than expected, but worth a playthrough!
That ending though, I'll never forget...

love the game wasn't expecting the ending

Very nice game! Thanks for making a fun game

Hmm. sorry kids, but maybe its my computer but my character was walking at a SUPER slow pace and it crashed twice :0

Just couldnt play it.

I really enjoyed Embuscade. I also made this video.Loved the atmosphere and the eating of trash to survive. Hope to see more from you in the future.  

Wow this game had the most shocking  ending of the year 0.0.

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I really liked the concept, being a zombie is something new~

Dope ! Loved the concept!  i would smash 10/10 ! Looking for more in


Unplayable... It's like a green flash is still running over the screen. It's very annoying and makes it impossible to see anything. Also hurts the eyes...

This game was the first game that I played in my recent Game of Three video. (Yes, this type of video is sort of based from Three Free Games with Pewds)

I have played 2 other games, which you can watch if you want to but if not, you can just watch the first game I play which is your game. Hope you enjoy! 

This game was great, very nice twist at the end.

The Moon has to be the best moon I have seen in a long time in a game :-)

Great job.

For some reason my recorder didn't pick up this game for my channel. :-(

Looking forward to your next projects.

Very Interesting story!! The twist got me so good xD

OMG this is a nice horror game!!!!! 

I am a german YouTuber and have the Game lets playt!

This game looks really awesome for what it is. Wish there was more!!

Hello! Played this game on our channel, I love it! You have more projects coming up? 

The game was pretty interesting and very pretty for a  voxel game. I really enjoyed it and hope to see more from you in the future, even maybe a more full game. A lot of potential here!

Gave it a go...

This game's sound track is great! I really hope they make it a lot longer! It's an pixelated atmospheric "survival" horror game.

If you'd like to check out gameplay before downloading it, you can here: 

I know this game isn't super intense in terms of graphics, but my computer is shite. Is there any way to adjust graphical settings? I really wanna play this but its playing just a wee bit slow.

Did anyoen else think the girl was knuckles the first time you played

Hey just played your game thought it was a lot of fun and please keep up the great work

My playthrough: 

A short, but well crafted game, Embuscade is an unusual combination of voxel style and horror theme, and I feel the two were combined very well. The subtle lighting and crisp audio worked well with the gritty textures to build just the right amount of spook, and the plot twist in the end was amusing as well.

Good job on this.
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This game is beautiful! Ran smooth, which is awesome, and has cool mechanics that keep you moving! Loved the twist, and the hints given around the game to make you go “OHHHH, DUH!” At the end. 

Very cool. I absolutely love the way this looks. Would be great to see a longer game using this style. Lends itself to a nice creepy atmosphere.

How can I describe this without giving too much away? Umm, it was short yet riveting! I had a super fun time with this one, there's so much nuance and story bundled into a tiny package and I loved every twisty turny second of it.

The look of it, the feel of it, the atmosphere... everything is spot on! Great work, really looking forward to seeing more of your ingenuity in the future.

That was a total shock, I did not expect that, very well done for this game.  This is the sort of think I love.  Is this on Gamejolt?  If it is I will support it there too.

Youtuber:  Fellowplayer


I frgigin loved this short pixel game! literally applauded at the twist ending ^_^

This was a very awesome game! I loved everything about it! Good Job!

A simple game with HUGE IMPACT! Totally did NOT see that twist coming at all! I love the art style you chose; it game the post-apocalyptic feel even more depth for this story. Thanks for creating this experience and will be on the lookout for future projects!

That was awesome! Graphics style amazing, I spent a lot of time slowly looking round corners for the threat, so the twist was great. Please make more games like this!!

Scared meh

WHATA TWIST(*〇□〇)……!

The game has a green flash over it. It's unplayable like this.

I am having the same issue :( I really want to play but I can't with that flash!

I'm assuming you're on Windows 10? Right click on the icon, go to properties then select Compatibility and tick the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select "Windows 8". Apply and close. Then run the game. 

very good game to me

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