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The surroundings are very creepy especially walking alone in an alley. Good game!


I'm glad you got crept!

que gran juego la verdad, de mis favoritos ahora 

What a great game the truth, one of my favorites now

(Embuscade is the first game in this video) Sure glad I played this! It's always nice for the player to be someone unexpected! I wish I played this a long time ago! As short as the game is, it sure is one of the most remembered. I have played for my daily Halloween uploads, I will most likely try your other games out! Keep up the good work!

Didn't know what I was expecting when I decided to use this game as the 3rd game in my impromptu video.

Embuscade has such a beautiful air to it and the atmosphere leaves the player wanting more. Even though it's short play-through, this game is one to remember and treasure and should be held has a gem among indie games.


Wow man, thank you so much for the support! Seeing Embuscade as a gem among indie games is a real honor to me. It's been 4 years already that Embuscade came out, and people are downloading it every single day. And when these spooky October time are coming, there are even more players. I'm very pleased to see it persisting through the years and hope it will continue that way.

Odlična i kratka igrica, razumljiva i odličnog koncepta, zvučni efekti te tema su jedna od boljih, sviđa mi se i sretno sa gradnjom ostalih igrica!


Hvala puno!


This game left me with such a shock! this was an amazing experience, I didn't expect it to be so immersive. 

Nice! x) Mission accomplished then

So surprised this didn't go on my radar sooner! Came here from Game Dev Unlocked, and totally downloading based on the screenshots. Keep up the good work!

Hi! Thanks a lot! Can you post the link from where you saw it please? I was searching for Game Dev Unlocked but I didn't find anything about Embuscade.

I have a problem. I downloaded the game after seeing it on a YouTuber's channel. But it won't play. When I launch it, it asks for a VR headset, which i don't have. this confuses me, as this game, to my awareness, doesn't need one. Help

Hi! This is really weird, I think it comes from something else cause nobody ever told me about this problem in the comments. Maybe it's win10 that's crazy (as usual XD). I unfortunately can't help much, I hope you'll find a solution.

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Hey, thanks for replying. I managed to fix the issue by uninstalling the VR app in Steam after installing the Itch client, because even opening it in Itch (before uninstalling the VR thing) caused it to keep opening it and refusing to launch the game without it, for some reason. I can play it now. It's a great game, with great visuals and a creepy atmosphere. I loved the plot twist at the end. It really is a great game. Good job :)

i really like retro type games. the scenery and ambience just amazing. but, work improve on the story. but the ending were a twist.

what an amazing piece of art. I know its 4 years old, but this would be a hit as a full game in 2021 :)

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wait this game was made in 2017?

This game is like teardown actually btw teardown also used voxel

This is an absolute piece of art!!!!!!!

Killer game.. fun twist. Thanks.

I enjoyed this game and that was a really cool twist because we were the zombie the whole time! Very good game!


Hey! Spoilers!!


Cool little game!

Even though I saw it coming, it is a nice twist that the player is in fact the zoombie!

The graphics are amazing, the audio is great and the gameplay, despite limited, is very good too.

Great work!


I liked the visual style of the game and the plot twist presented. In my opinion the game could have a little more content, which can increase its longevity. It would be a good idea. But, although it is short, the game made a good impression. Congratulations.

Really good plot twist!!! Love It !!!

Dude amazing game. I really loved it


Ahhh such a tragic way to end my hot-garbage munching experience. But what can you expect in a post-apocalyptic world. The feel and look of the game are extremely nice, it's a shame it really was soo quick. But I'm intrigued enough to want to check out your other developments! Deluge looks quite good!

Great work!

nice game, loved the 3d pixel aesthetic. Kinda saw the twist coming but it was still good.


Got me, but a good quick game!

The Game is really crazy, i was hurt by the Girl, but the Idea is not bad


I was fucking surprised at the ending. Really unique game!

i enjoy it really nice game 

Great idea to play as a zombie. Where's the sequel?Why so little ?(((

An absolutely lovely game! Blew my mind HARD. 


Holy crap this art style is absolutely amazing! Love the voxel art, guys, keep it up!


I had NO clue as to how this game would end! Total shocker ! video here, Second gameplay.

had a lot of fun with this game and i really liked the ending. If u would go for a full game, i would play it :)


Sad but hungry


I really enjoyed this game a lot the atmosphere and the art style was amazing very cool play style and twist I wish there was a FULL GAME BUT I LOVE IT


Haha nice voxel based theme. Moon was amazing it looked so perfect bright in the dark city ;) Amazing work Well Done !

Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it!


This was a wonderful idea. I truly would like to see a longer game of this to be honest.


loved the ending!!

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