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This was the first game I played in my video. I know this is an older game but I think it really held up. I wish it was longer or even a full game, I seriously loved the atmosphere and the look of the game 

Hey thank you for haing played! It's really cool to see people still playing and enjoying the game 3 Halloweens later :D


Heres my gameplay! this game feel so real man

Hey thanks! That's a good compliment :)

i read the comments first, i knew i was gonna be the zombie😫it ruined all the fun!



The ending was absolutely fantastic! I would love to see a prequel or even a sequel to this game!


Well done, This would be great on a larger scale. Great concept. Did not expect that ending though.

What an awesome little game!! And that ending was brilliant! Good job you guys!!


Third game I played. Did not expect playing who I was playing as

I Really Didn't Expect The Ending😉😉

I like the atmosphere graphics audio, ending was a surprise 😲 Very Well Done Game !!!


All of it... at the end we... eat the little girl? The trash was tastier! I wish I can leave the little girl alone :(. But really cool concept!


We checked out this game for our annual horror month! It was short and sweet. The polish makes the game looks really nice.


I found your play through very cool! You two are making a good combo. I like this kind of format, it's rare that YTubers play and comment games together, it's usually one guy alone talking with the audience. Continue like that and you'll be great!

I love games that surprise me

oh im the bad guy

Damn. I thought I wouldn't like the voxel art style but I really loved it. For the game tho, the atmosphere was very well crafted. I made a cinematic styled video on it and enjoyed playing around with its well made audio.


I played through the game and actually uploaded my gameplay to my channel. Although I realized the twist almost immediately, I really enjoyed the story. I loved the art style, and the sound design was disturbing. Overall, I actually really enjoyed it, despite the scare factor being fairly minimal, thank you for this!

This game was actually really well made! In my video I made, I was kinda disappointed there wasn't more because I was already invested and eager for more! Great work!

If you can, please support me by leaving a like, commenting feedback, and subscribing! :)


Hey dude I really loved the game. Those who are checking out my video please feel free to support me as it would be an honor. Please support


Somehow I guessed the "twist" right away like within the first 45 seconds. Just a lucky guess, I suppose? However I still enjoyed the experience!


Well done! X) I think it could have been less easier if I would "hide" a little more about what's going on... But you know, I'm not sure a perfect twist exists in the end. I'm glad you liked it!

True. A lot of others did seem truly surprised though by the twist. It was just a fluke guess for me maybe :)

This was an interesting little game that had an amazingly desolate environment, which helped in creating the fantastic atmosphere of isolation and paranoia. The greatest attribute of the game, in my opinion, would be its fairly unique concepts, which I will not spoil here. This said I would absolutely love to see these ideas expanded upon as they are what made the experience unique. (I make similar notes about the game throughout the video and especially in the last 2 minutes, but these are my final thoughts of the game.)


Thank you for making such a fun little game and I hope you keep up the good work.


Was a really fun game! The twist near the end was really well built up to and the atmosphere was great! And I did notice some eater eggs that eluded to a zombie apocalypse but didn't pay attention to it until I realised what they meant until after finishing the game. Even the graphics was really great and worked really well with the environment and the building up to the realisation that you're the monster. Great game, hoping for more! 



beware of reading the comments before playing the game fully 

being the zombie the whole time was cool and interesting

easy on the spoilers dude

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You guys are the zombie the whole time


Pour les Francophones !
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Great sound design! ^_^Gameplay (with subtitles)

Very nice game!

I had a ton of fun playing it. 

It was a fun game but I wish there was something more. That being said, I had fun with it!

Cool game, love the style and would like to see more in this design. I made a video if anyone would like to check it out. 


Interesting short game, kept me guessing who the real monster is the whole time. Love the Garage eating mechanism though, had a lot of fun playing this!

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Nice short game bro. i enjoy it. and its 2020
Cheer from indonesia

EMBUSCADE features the terrifying tale of when reality sometimes isn't what it seems. This indie horror game will twist and turn your thoughts of perception. But you must do what is necessary TO SURVIVE...


Nice art style and creativity!

Thank you Berry! Enjoyed the stream, keep it up!

Gem of a game! The ending was sort of refreshing! 

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Nice game I love the MC feel and the plot twist was cool!

I loved this game. The twist that I was the zombie was cool. (Skip to 16:11)

Spoiler Alert!!


I always wanted to be a villain of a horror game.

And here you are! :) Did you enjoy it?


Yes, but I feel sorry for the poor kid that experienced being torn to pieces.

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strange concept i like it :D 

Starts at 7:54.

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