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Hello, we have downloaded your material, very beautiful, very exquisite, hope to use in our game, of course, we will mark your name! Thank you very much!


do you mind if I use these in a game i am planning to publish? will add you in the credits if you want.

No problem at all, they are made for that :) Good luck with your game, and don't forget to share it with us!


will do. thanks!

could you make vox files out of them?

Hi! In the package, you have a vox folder, in the vox folder you have two vox files, the "ASSET SHOWCASE" is what you're searching ;) 

could i ask could you make it a whole model so i dont need to stick it togethercause that will take 28238 hours

I don't understand exactly what you mean by "make it a whole model"

so the grave yard is a whole asset

so we dont need to put together the assets 

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You should make a youtube channel about how to make voxel tutorials . :D