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Pretty cool, most kind of you to share

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this assets are amazing, thanks for sharing that with us!

am working on adding those to a game am working and it wont be possible without your amazing work!

Super glad that it helps you! Share you work with us when you got something to show please! :)

actually i've just opened an instegram, @h4ck3d_development , will show there the way from scratch to hopefully the full game!


Awesome stuff, I just purchased the extra content. As for the PBR map. How were these made? also exported from magicavoxel? and how are they used? they look a little different than the PBR files I've seen before. thanks!

Hi! Thank you forgetting the Extra Content, I hope you'll make some cool things with it!
The PBR maps were made in Magicavoxel yes, they look different, mostly by their dimensions (1x256px). The UVs of the objects made in Magicavoxel are mapped on this tiny horizontal line so that's why they are like this.

Cool I see, Is the PBR map the same for all robots? or is the one provided only for the Recon bot?

How did you export them from MagicaVoxel? I don't see any setting or export option haha. Thanks!

are these animated or just static?

They are static.


You are so talented! I did some voxel art myself but nothing is even close to being as good as your works. Thanks for providing them for free!

Thank you very much for being so supportive! Stay tuned, some new things are coming this year ;) 


I really liked the art you created, I am a game developer and if you ever create an environment based on the robotic voxel characters you created, I would also gladly buy it, congratulations.

I'm learning English, I'm from Brazil, sorry for any mistake in my comment.

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yeah, I really really want a sci-fi environment asset for my game but he has not made an asset like that but it's ok because he's doing so much already for us and we have to appreciate his efforts, still a sci fi environment asset would be great. ;)

Can I use this on my project I realy need it(I made a prototype for Game in my page)

Og course you can! It's specially made for this purpose :) Enjoy!


so thanks


im in love with the designs ! 


Voxel and Robots are a good combination indeed! Do you develop games?

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Yeah, I'm about to finish my first one and then submit it on itch ... :D It's a simple platformer with hand drawn illustration.


Nice! I like hand drawn games, do you do arts by yourself? Good luck with it! 


Yes, I do graphic design and illustrations everyday :D. I use Procreate to draw every single day and brainstorm some game ideas... :D Thanks, this will be my first complete game, because I left so many projects unfinished in the past... So this is a way to promise myself to change that...


That's a good thing to do! It's been a while I didn't draw... :x
Are you interested in joining my discord ? Maybe you're already on it, so you can share your game with us when it's finished.