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Hey, I’ve recently bought this pack, but I have trouble when adding animations from Mixamo. It seems like something is wrong with the rig, as the animations are just wrong, limbs are bent in directions they shouldn’t ever bend etc. Is there a possibility you could take a look at it?

Hi! On my end, there's no problem using mixamo anims on the characters. Here's a demo : 

Make sure you import the character in mixamo, choose your animations, and export it to your game engine. If you're using mixamo anims from another character rig, you'll need retargeting. 


tu utilises blender ?

Des fois oui, as principalement. Les modèles ont été faits avec magicavoxel


ah ok je vois je vois 


Hey, So I downloaded the Package and the demo models aren't skinned.

Hi! They are skinned, I just downloaded the package, and verified in UE4 and they work correctly. In what software are you trying to open them?

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I just bought the package, and the skinned models aren't textured. You can see why if you inspect the FBX files (and why they work for the author but nobody else): the textures all point to absolute paths. For example, here's the redhead texture file in the fbx: 

D:\VoxelAssets\FlyingBike\BikerWoman\CharacterExports\BikerWoman_Redhead02\Redhead02-0.png these textures always fail to load, since they were saved with absolute paths instead of relative ones.

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Hello, In the paid package, absolutely all of the models in the "SkeletalMeshes" folder are skinned, try open it with blender (free 3D program) and see by yourself.

Apart from that, thank you for spoting the texture path problem, I'll fix that asap.

Hi Max, you're right, they are skinned (attached to the armature), but they aren't usable, because the skinned meshes all have no textures. For example, here's what that looks like in Blender:

You just need to relink the textures in the materials and boom! They become usable again.
The textures are also included in the downloadable zip.


Thanks! This was helpful to me to learn that since sometimes I'll be rebuilding the whole pipeline from a vox file, it's probably best to figure out how to do that from the start.

You may also want to check out the textures in for the same pathing issue btw - I plan on purchasing them, and downloaded the free set for a test, and none of the textures came in.