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An upcoming Racing Game in a Flying cyberpunk city. Prove your dominance as you race against other high-performance vehicles, and push the limits of speed. You will win big, only to spend it all on customizing your ride to make it truly unique.

Release Date: TBD

Developer: Max Parata

Genre: Flying Car Racing


Punk Runner needs your help!
Every small contribution counts and will directly support the development of the game. If you're a fan of cyberpunk flying car games and want to see this project come to life, you can make a donation via different ways:

bitcoin: 3EVkAHAPBZoKFE6PX7oCRaJcemHM87zG2P
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Punk Runner is an upcoming indie racing game that takes you through the neon-lit streets of a cyberpunk future. 

You play as Hero, an unknown figure with a love for speed and a reputation for being the best street racer. The objective of the game is to prove your dominance as you race against other high-performance vehicles and push the limits of speed. You have the opportunity to win big, but also to spend it all on customizing your ride to make it truly unique. 

With fast-paced, high-adrenaline action and an immersive cyberpunk aesthetic, Punk Runner is a thrilling ride from start to finish.

Description of the Genre

Punk Runner is a combination of the fast-paced excitement of a racing game and the futuristic, dystopian world of cyberpunk.
Players will race through a neon-lit city, facing off against other street racers and navigating dangerous, high-speed tracks. With a focus on customization and high-tech vehicles, Punk Runner offers a unique take on the racing genre.

Unique Selling Points

  • Punk Runner offers an innovative approach to flying cars, unlike other games where they are unrealistic and operate differently
  • The game pays homage to NFSU2 and other classic racing games, while incorporating a new level of customization inspired by Japanese car culture.
  • Players can race anyone, anytime and anywhere in the open world, with a seamless initiation process.

Key Features

Flying cars that drive like real cars, with a new approach

  • Punk Runner features flying cars, with a new approach. Unlike other games, where flying cars are unrealistic and operate like helicopters, drones or spaceships, Punk Runner presents flying cars that drive like real cars, only with thrusters instead of wheels.

Modernizing the classic racing game formula with a focus on customization inspired by Japanese car culture

  • Modernizing the classic racing game formula, like NFSU2, with a focus on customization inspired by Japanese car culture.

Ability to challenge any driver to a race anywhere in the open world.

  • Challenge any driver to a race anytime and anywhere in the open world, seamlessly. The winner of the race is the one who leads by 1 kilometer over their opponent.

About the developer

I'm Max Parata, a senior 3D artist working in the digital marketing field since 8 years now; besides that, I am also a solo game developer.

I started when Unreal Engine 4 became free, I saw an opportunity to bring my 3D art skills and experience to game development. I learned Blueprint, UE4's no-code programming language, by creating small prototypes and gradually developed the skills needed to make a game.

Before Punk Runner, I released Embuscade, a short horror game that was recognized as best free game of 2017 by PC Gamer, and also created a voxel asset collection on my itch.io page under the brand monogon.

  • Single Player
  • Achievements
  • Full controller support

Title: Punk Runner

Genre: Flying car Racing

Developer: Max Parata

Release Date: TBD

Punk Runner is in Pre-Alpha stage. That means that it's not publically playable yet.
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
Authorsmaxparata, pierreFontaine
Tagscars, Cyberpunk, Driving, flying-cars, Futuristic, Open World

Development log


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hey max hows progress coming along with Punk Runner any new updates soon!!

Max, so excited about the game!

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hey Max you should post  Punk runner on www.moddb.com to get more viewers.  Most indie games are advertised there. And Steam as well.

Thanks! I'll take a look for sure.

JUST AN IDEA.,.. karantin :D  
if you played game i think the name was karantin...  there you were a taxi driver in town of zombies,...  so maybe such a misions :D 
Like you drive tro dangerous part of city where there are atackers etc .. or maybe mision to retrive something so to chase some cars :D etc :D 
there were a gun mounted on car if i remember etc.. but thats just idea.

and it looks nice.. i just wonder how it gona be with sound :D 

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awesome game!!!  a true beam breakers sequel. Cant wait to play how much left do you think you have to completion, also will it have first person cockpit view.

Hey max btw, where will you be selling this game and at how much?

Hey! These questions are a bit too early for me to answer. But I can tell you that yes, there will be a first person, and even a 2nd person cockpit view... I let you imagine what it is... ;)
Thanks a lot for the support! Think about sharing it with your friends! And if you feel like it, a little donation would tremendously help.

already did. Also will there be free roam throughout the city and will you include rain effects?


pick me ,pick me,pick me,i want to test it.. if my old lap top is good enaugh :( 

why is this in 'card game' ? :D

I just saw that! xD 


Looking like Cyberpunk 2076!  It looks great.

hey Max. Early asset stuff looking great, has that sort of neon wave look to it. If your ever still looking for help on the project for audio, or even music let me know. Looks like an awesome collab. Thanks -J

Hi here! You do find that it has that neon wave look already? That's so cool! Because if it emits that wave now, then it will definitely scream this wave in the end with the final assets ;)!
I will decorate those buildings with neons, I prefer neons over holograms to light up the scene and give it the cyberpunk wave. It recalls those old 80s sci fi jap animes : cowboy bebop, akira, evangelion and all that, and sci fi jap animes are my main reference souces ;)!

About the sound now, of course I'll need help, because I'm not a sound designer at all, even though I like to work with sound in UE4. I already have some ideas in mind for the car sound and for the music.  Let's talk about it in discord. You are J. right? I think I've added you as Friend.