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Ride a customized flying car and race through the off-ground streets of Cyberpunk-Paris.

Punk Runner is an in-development Flying car racing game in open world.
This is the official Devlog page, you can follow the development of Punk Runner here.

The page is still in construction, but you can still enjoy the video and the screenshots, exclusively on the devlog!



  • Flying Cars!
  • Open World exploration in Cyberpunk-Paris
  • Dynamic races in-traffic (NFSU2 style)
  • Vehicle customization and upgrades


  • Interior View of the Flying vehicle

  • First attemt at making an environment design for the city. The neons are part of the flying car Traffic laws.
  • New attempt at an enviroment design for the city

  • Open world Racing gameplay - early tests
  • Vertigo - Punk Runner OST by Boketto

Punk Runner is in Pre-Alpha stage.
That means that it's not publically playable yet.

During the Pre-Alpha stage of the development, I will work on the overall mood and look of the game. In a couple of month, I'll be able to put together a cool teaser with nasty cuts and all! 
Stay tuned!

>>Road Map on Trello

Development log


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Looking like Cyberpunk 2076!  It looks great.

hey Max. Early asset stuff looking great, has that sort of neon wave look to it. If your ever still looking for help on the project for audio, or even music let me know. Looks like an awesome collab. Thanks -J

Hi here! You do find that it has that neon wave look already? That's so cool! Because if it emits that wave now, then it will definitely scream this wave in the end with the final assets ;)!
I will decorate those buildings with neons, I prefer neons over holograms to light up the scene and give it the cyberpunk wave. It recalls those old 80s sci fi jap animes : cowboy bebop, akira, evangelion and all that, and sci fi jap animes are my main reference souces ;)!

About the sound now, of course I'll need help, because I'm not a sound designer at all, even though I like to work with sound in UE4. I already have some ideas in mind for the car sound and for the music.  Let's talk about it in discord. You are J. right? I think I've added you as Friend.