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Guys here we are! Embuscade have its dedicated article in a popular French PC games Magazine, Canard PC!

For ones who don't speak French, here's the translation :

Embuscade is not really what it wants to make you believe.
With a first person point of view, you walk around through a dark narrow streets labyrinth.
Far away, you hear some scary noises.
In your field of view. some trash bins, fences, warnings left to the population : if we are not in a middle of an apocalypse, I accept to change my profession.
You'll clear a path through this tangle of obscure alleys with the WASD keys on your keyboard.
You can look around you with the mouse.
All the codes of an FPS genre are here, you'll find how to blast your enemy who, eventually, will pop up around a corner.
Except that no, nothing you can do about that, you don't have any weapon. Nothing.
You are completely naked.
And if that wasn't enough, you are hungry.
Your health bar, this little stomach at the bottom left corner of your screen, is getting empty really fast.
You are now in a survival horror, at the same time trying to find something to eat, running away from an invisible menace and trying to figure out what is going on.
That's exactly when Embuscade reveals to be very effective, in the last thirty seconds that succeed to infuse the whole story with a new meaning.

By : Maria Kalash - @kamacess

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Way to be a champ! I really enjoyed Lumps Playing Embuscade <3 It was adorable and creepy all at once. Perfect. Hope you liked my vid!