Embuscade : Best free game of 2017

Hi guys, I just started a new devlog to keep you in touch with the Embuscade actuality, so welcome to y'all I hope we'll have a good time here.

And I will start by sharing with you the fact that Embuscade has been elected... Best Free game of 2017 by PC GAMER! That's awesome!

I want to thank y'all for supporting me with your comments, videos, and for your donations, I really appreciate that, it gives me the courage to continue developing games for y'all. It's mainly thanks to you guys that Embuscade has arrived here! 




Embuscade.zip 209 MB
Oct 29, 2017

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Wow! Congratulations! Embuscade really deserved it, it was definitely in at least my top 5 most memorable games I Lumps Played last year.

Cheers and keep it up. 👍🍻


Hi Thanks for your support LumpsPlays! Very soon I'll be posting about my next Zombie game here... ;) stay tuned