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if there were a couple more different zombies i would definitely buy this . with just 1 zombie i am not so sure.

Don't worry about it, a lot more content is coming to this pack soon ;)
If you want to know when it will be available, you can join the discord :

Hello, we have downloaded your material, very beautiful, very exquisite, hope to use in our game, of course, we will mark your name! Thank you very much!


Hi, are you planning on lowering the amount you are asking for this asset or giving a promotion anytime soon? 

P.S. Great work

There are a couple of sales organized by itch during the year, I suggest you to subscribe to all my socials and to my itch page to be sure to not miss it!


Thank you, I have already done that

Hi! I bought the asset, but I can use it to create an avatar in unity for humanoid animations, because a few game objects under Character01 has the same name, as the ones under Hips. Unity can't handle this for me, can you change that?

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Hi just by this stuff, but all weapons and equipement texture .png not include, can you help plz.
How can I open the .vox?

hi bought this back in 2019 and now am traying to download it but is only giving me the free version could you help me with that thanks.

Hi! Yeah, this is because the price has changed since then. Do you have discord?


hey any update on the models?


I don't know if it's just me, but I think the equipment texture is not mapped correctly, it's all pink.

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I got stuck on this too. Even if it's no longer relevant to you, if anyone else has this problem, apply the texture Props_02_diffuse from the textures folder to the items in the equipment folder.

 Edit: I looked at the provided photos and that's not the correct coloring, it just looked ok on a couple of the melee items. It's better than nothing, but that's not the answer.

I got lucky in figuring that out and I feel like that could have taken a long time to figure out, or might have required me to re-texture all the equipment items if I couldn't figure it out Hope to see that fixed in an update, otherwise it's a cool pack. At least from what I've seen so far. I did purchase the mid tier or I wouldn't be complaining stuff isn't 100% textured. Everything else I looked at seems textured correctly.


i really want to make a game with your zombie stuff but i cant afford it with how stuff is right now. Thank you for what you are doing for the community.

Thank you for your support! There's a winter sale coming up, maybe it will be a good chance for you to get it at a discount :

Character_Hero.fbx and Character_Zombie.fbx is not on center position.


Hey, there doesn't seem to be any source files included in the Voxel Zombie Can you add them?

Yes indeed, sorry about that, It's now available :)


Thanks! :)