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Hello, we have downloaded your material, very beautiful, very exquisite, hope to use in our game, of course, we will mark your name! Thank you very much!


these are one of the best low poly acks i have ever seen and I'm so surprised by the fact that its free, also I feel bad at the same time that you don't get much money from it but I'm glad that indie develoers like me get these for free I'm making a low poly game which is kinda set in future and at the same time includes villages etc, you are the best, if I earn anything from my game will be the first person whom I will donate at least 100-500$, tbh I haven't sent a single penny on my game yet cause  don't have money and that's why this free content is a blessing, i kinda wanted the exclusive stuff but I'm not complaining just saying that exclusive content is good, I'm happy thanks mate and yeah ill sure give you credits in my game, till then byee ;)

Hi! Thanks a lot for those kind words! I really hope you game will work out well, and bring you some very decent income! Thank you for the credits in advance :) Much appreciated, keep up the courage and good luck for your game!


very nice. *claps*

nice project!

this is absolutely fantastic 

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Hi there :) I've downloaded some of your voxel models (one per each post) but I don't see any materials in unity, even after extracting. How is it supposed to work? (( doesn't let me share the engine screenshot

Hi! If extracting doesn't work you can simply drag the PNG texture into the engine and assign it to a material that you create. Every models share the same texture, so you can import only one PNG, it will work for every models, no need to import every single PNG files that you see in the folder. Tell me if that worked.


Thanks for these great assets. You are very talented!


Thank you for the supporting words! A NEW pack is starting next week, stay tuned ;)


Can't wait! :)


Beautiful asset !


I'm glad you like them :) New ones are coming Next week!

These look like graphics from a Triple A game! These are so good!

Oh my god this is absolutely stunning. Not trying to ruin anyone else's day, but this is easily $10+ content. 

Great work!


Youre the best!!! Amazing assets thank you!

I'm glad you like it! see you tomorrow for the new one ;)