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Hey, is it possible to buy these with .vox files?

Hi! Contact me at and we can discuss about it. Cheers

Hey Max, I emailed you but haven't heard back.

Hey! Thank you for reminding me, I checked and your mail went to the spam folder... Stupid mail XD
Sorry about that. I'll answer you now.


These are amazing assets! As a disabled digital artist, it means the world to me that people distribute free-to-use assets like this, since I can't easily produce any myself, anymore.

I did notice that most of your assets are under CC-BY-ND (No Derivatives), but these hoverbikes don't specify a license. I like to take voxel assets and run them through a Blender Remesh filter to create a really unique look, but I believe that technically counts as a derivative—am I allowed to do that with these hoverbike assets?

Hi there! I'm glad you like my work and that you find it useful.

You can modify the assets as you want, as long as you don't resell them as assets. You can for example modify the assets, put them in your game, and sell your game, that's no problem.


Hey, thanks, Max! That makes perfect sense.


Hey Max, 

How can I reach you? I have a proposal/offer to make.

Hi! Yes, you can join the discord, there a link on the page. Cheers!


Very cool! Nice work!

Thanks Antikx!